Daily Alert: Friday 17th November 2017

Mark NugentDaily Alert, Nov 2017

Trading Analysis for Friday 17th November 2017

My WTI long goes nowhere, so far. I look closely at a FTSE250 long but decide not to take it for a very good reason.

Yesterday I was hopeful of a return to risk-on sentiment. I think it happened. US equities reversed the week’s loses. It was a similar story elsewhere around the world except the UK which is living in its own little Brexit nightmare at the moment. US 10 Year yield rises. The JPY is flat as is the USD. I’d say the equities show we were risk-on.

So far this morning, the US 10 Year yield is dropping, the JPY is strengthening, the USD is down and it’s too early to tell on equities. Remaining risk-on is far from assured. We will have to see how the day develops.

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