Daily Alert: Thursday 10th August 2017

Mark NugentAug 2017, Daily Alert

Forex Analysis for Thursday 10th August 2017

Economic Calendar

As expected, the RBNZ kept the interest rate at 1.75%. Statement tone was dovish to neutral, maintaining the view that they would hike in Q3 2019. However, they also stated that they are always open to FX intervention as, in the words of Assistant Governor McDermott, they are uneasy and the NZD does need to adjust down.

N Korea said they will have a plan to strike Guam ready by mid-August and then present it to leader Kim.

Market Reaction

Risk off tone all around and no real Tier I data leads to not much movement in the markets. The JPY strengthens in line with the sentiment; gold rises and the US 10 Year yield grinds downwards. The GBP index heads towards support and the NZD drops after the RBNZ comments. Equities are mixed, with those outside the US mostly down and continuing so today.

News Media

It’s all Trump/North Korea.

Today’s Calendar


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