Daily Alert: Thursday 18th April 2019

Mark Nugent April 2019, Daily Alert

Daily Alert: Thursday 18th April 2019

No video today folks as the aviation flu continues to bight and, more importantly, there is nothing happening in the markets on the last trading day before the Easter weekend.

The US is distracted by the release of the heavily (and I mean heavily) redacted Mueller Report. Should keep the Dems triggered until November 2020 where they will sleep walk to another election defeat.

There was mixed (i.e. bad) PMI results in the Eurozone; the EUR dropped but equities rose. There were good Retail Sales prints in the US, UK and Canada.

Employment in Australia was positive and unemployment was on track with expectations. Eyes were on unemployment after Tuesday’s Central Bank statement that they were monitoring it closely.

Outside of the Eurozone, equities are barely moving. The USD rises abruptly.

Have a great weekend and I’ll talk to you on Tuesday.

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