Daily Alert: Thursday 30th August 2018

Mark NugentAug 2018, Daily Alert

Daily Alert: Thursday 30th August 2018

Updated trading plan is here – https://goo.gl/UNsPqo

US equities continue to rise with the S&P500 and Nasdaq hitting new all-time highs. Non-US equities are more mixed with the UK indices giving up completely their Tuesday gap-up.

WTI grinds upwards on a stock drawdown number and as the USD grinds downwards. The GBP moves up as Barnier says he is close to offering the UK “a partnership with Britain such as has never been with any other third country”. We assume in a good way. CAD rises as Trump says he believes an agreement on NAFTA is on track for Friday. EUR keeps rising and JPY is weak.

I wait for US equity pullbacks. I notice that yesterday’s GBP strength seems to have largely dissipated, so I will be looking for a return of GBP weakness which I may trade but it’s been a good month and I don’t want to ruin it at the end.

I’ll be back on Monday morning in full effect with your Trading Plan video.

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