Daily Alert: Tuesday 27th September 2016

Mark Nugent Daily Alert, Sept 2016


Forex Analysis for Tuesday 27th September 2016
Economic Calendar

Monday saw BoJ’s Kuroda states the main tool for further easing will be further reductions to interest rates.

Two Central Bankers were speaking, Draghi (RCB) in Brussels and Poloz (Bank of Canada) were speaking but neither troubles the media.

Monday night’s (US time) first US Presidential Debate viewed as a win for Clinton and this is seen as positive for trade and markets.

Market Reaction

Currently Western equity markets have all gapped up but are swiftly moving down. Oil remains range-bound.

In the currency markets, week-so-far sees JPY strong, GBP weak, and both NZD and AUD strong.


It’s all Trump/Clinton. There is one story on the ongoing woes of a struggling Deutsche Bank aggravated by a US settlement negotiation opening at Euro 14B and Merkel saying there will be no bail out.


Today sees CB Consumer Confidence in the US. It’s a quiet day.

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