Live Daily Alert and Q&A Webinar: 12th June 2019

Mark NugentDaily Alert, June 2019, Q&A Webinar

Live Daily Alert and Q&A Webinar: 12th June 2019

Sentiment is very neutral this week. Equities hold last week’s gains but go nowhere. GOLD drops from resistance as predicted but only just. My GOLD short may be in danger. My two trades on weak AUD are doing OK, but not great. However capital is safe in both cases (stop to breakeven) so I’ll enjoy the ride.

The markets react moderately to the failure of today’s vote in the UK parliament to essentially bar a no-deal Brexit. The GBP drops, a bit. This is interesting as it shows a change in mood as essentially the same vote was passed a month or so ago. We now have a majority refusing to bar a no-deal Brexit. Hmmm.

The main interest at the moment is weak AUD, which as you know I am trading. The key employment data is out at 230am tonight. A miss may well weaken the AUD as this measure is being watched closely by the RBA.

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