Live Daily Alert and Q&A Webinar: 26th March 2019

Mark NugentDaily Alert, March 2019, Q&A Webinar

Live Daily Alert and Q&A Webinar: 26th March 2019

Markets remain glum due to PMIs last Friday and the yield curve inversion. The futures markets are now forecasting at least one rate reduction in the US this year. This is a major, major turnaround in sentiment on the US economy.

In the UK, Parliament wrestles control from beleaguered PM May and pass a motion for “indicative votes” on various Brexit options. Voting to take place tomorrow. Only two and a half years too late.

The EUR and GBP are the only two trending currencies. So a EURGBP short is a possibility. GOLD looks very interesting and is being controlled by sentiment, rather than the USD. This could yield a good trading opportunity.

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