Live Daily Alert and Q&A Webinar: 3rd July

Mark NugentDaily Alert, July 2019, Q&A Webinar

Live Daily Alert and Q&A Webinar: 3rd July

The GBP is getting wacked by negative economic news (all three PMIs) and yesterday’s statement by Carney. Conversely, the AUD is boosted by yesterday’s more hawkish statement by Governor Lowe. Selling the GBPAUD was obvious, as the currency index indicator suggested.

Equities are on the move up, some producing new all-time highs.

I have gone through all my trades so far this year to see if setting a take-profit is a good idea, rather than managing each trade by hand. I show you this analysis. I also look at a range of take-profit targets to see if there is more juice to be squeezed from my trading. The results are interesting.

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