Live Daily Alert and Q&A Webinar: 8th May 2019

Mark NugentDaily Alert, May 2019, Q&A Webinar

Live Daily Alert and Q&A Webinar: 8th May 2019

Market sentiment is being driven by the possible set-back to US/China trade talks. However there is light in that the Chinese Premier Lui He is still travelling to Washington this week. The markets are down but not over-reacting. Think of the drop as a pullback that will give better pricing for an ultimate long entry.

Currencies continue to show a lack of volatility and what trends there are are difficult to trade as the moves are small.

I talk about the new Position Sizer indicator which I will launch on Friday.

Steve delves into trading psychology which is the key to success, and not just in trading. If you want to be a rational human, master your psychology. Steve will show us the way.

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