Monthly and YTD Performance: April, +5.65%

Mark NugentMay 2024, Performance

Monthly and YTD Performance: April, +5.65%

Good afternoon.

April was a decent month. Four trades placed, all winners. Embarrassingly, still no losers this year.

I traded WTI, a strong GBP and EUR, and the S&P500.

The gain for the month was 5.65% and YTD comes in at 16.6%.

Trading conditions are challenging, and this shows in the relatively few trades placed compared to prior years. I have placed only 13 trades this year and if you consider that three of those trades were multiple bites at the same idea, and two of the trades were the same idea which I traded in two ways, I could argue I have placed only 10 trades, and we are a third of the way through the year.

Still, it is pleasing to see that we can weather differing conditions and still come out with a profit. There are a lot of trading approaches that only work in limited conditions.

The video contains more information on each of the trades: the rationale for entry, trade management, and the exit. This is a great learning resource for all traders. There’s always something to learn from a post-event review.

You can download the video HERE.

The trade-by-trade spreadsheet is HERE.

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