Monthly and YTD Performance: December 2021, +3.48%

Mark NugentDec 2021, Performance

Monthly and YTD Performance: December 2021, +3.48%

December was a short month, effectively ending on the 17th. Trading was focused on the expected reversal of the November down moves in key global equity indices and oil. The shortened month produced a gain of 3.49%, with 6 trades comprising 2 winners, 1 loser and 3 breakevens. Trade of the month was Japan225 long, gaining 3.25%.

Year-to-date (YTD) shows a gain of 201.8%.

It’s been another spectacular year, driven by careful trade selection and a high win ratio (minimising losers) which was achieved by moving each trade’s stop loss to breakeven as soon as possible.

I have two key metrics. Firstly, I want to see a win ratio of at least 60%. December’s win ratio was 67% and YTD is 82%. Secondly, in the winning trades, I want to see a reward/risk ratio of at least 2.0. That’s a gain of £2 for every £1 risked. December’s ratio was a meagre 1.1, caused by larger stop losses and higher risk (2 percent), which effectively halves the ratio. The YTD ratio stands at 2.3. So, all is well.

Here is your video, which includes short videos of each trade (a great learning experience):

You can download the video HERE.

The trade-by-trade spreadsheet is HERE.

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