Monthly and YTD Performance: December 2022, +3.65%

Mark NugentJan 2023, Performance

Monthly and YTD Performance: December 2022, +3.65%

December was a quiet month with only two trades, both S&P500 and both winners.

Total gain for the month was 3.65 percent. Year-to-date and therefore the gain for 2022 stands at +85.1 percent.

The key metrics of reward/risk on winning trades and win/lose ratio on all non-breakeven trades are all in the green for the year.

It’s been a challenging year as the Fed, European Central Bank and the Bank of England all began significant interest rate hiking cycles which completely changed the economic environment. However, we continued to use our approach to trading, tried to be as thoughtful as possible, and did quite well in the end.

The video contains more information on the rationale for all the trades and their management. This is a great learning resource. There’s always something to learn from this kind of post-event review.

You can download the video HERE.

The trade-by-trade spreadsheet is HERE.

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