Monthly and YTD Performance: January 2024, +3.50%

Mark NugentJanuary 2024, Performance

Monthly and YTD Performance: January 2024, +3.50%

Good afternoon.

A reasonably profitable month featuring only two trades, both Japan225 short. The trades were essentially identical, the idea being to follow a reversal of what I felt was an overdone bullish move that had lasted for four days, pushing the index up by around 7% for little coherent reason (other than animal spirits).

The total gain was 3.50%. The win/lose ratio was 1.0 (target is 0.6). The reward/risk ratio was a disappointing 0.87 (target is 1.0) due to one of the trades reversing by only a small amount.

The video contains more information on the trades placed in the month: the rationale for entry, the management, and the exit. This is a great learning resource for all traders. There’s always something to learn from a post-event review.

You can download the video HERE.

The trade-by-trade spreadsheet is HERE.

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