Monthly and YTD Performance: November 2023, +3.78%

Mark NugentDecember 2023, Performance

Monthly and YTD Performance: November 2023, +3.78%

Good afternoon.

Opportunities were thin on the ground in November. I placed only three trades. The first winner was S&P500 long, a reversal trade after an overly negative reaction to some economic data. The second winner was GBPUSD short, where USD strength and GBP weakness worked out nicely. The loser was WTI long which ran out of steam just as I entered the trade.

Year-to-date performance is +67.3%

The video contains more information on the trades placed in the month: the rationale for entry, the management, and the exit. This is a great learning resource for all traders. There’s always something to learn from a post-event review.

You can download the video HERE.

The trade-by-trade spreadsheet is HERE.

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