Trading Plan – Monday 13th September 2021: Equities and Oil on the move

Mark NugentSept 2021, Trading Plan

Trading Plan – Monday 13th September 2021: Equities and Oil on the move

Good morning traders.

Last week was all about hawkish central banks. The Fed, Bank of England, Bank of Canada and the Reserve Bank of Australia all indicated their desire to continue or begin tapering. The markets managed to talk themselves into believing that this was premature and risk sentiment suffered for most of the week.

On Monday, I took a second bite at the Japan225 long on the Suga-resignation news for a gain of 1.8 percent. Wednesday saw me go short on AUDJPY on risk-off sentiment. The trade went the right way, but on Friday an intra-day spike took me out at breakeven. Finally, on Thursday I went long on WTI, exiting just before the market close on Friday for a gain of 1.8 percent. Brief videos of these trades are available in the member’s area.

This week is all about CPI. We have CPI prints from the US, EuroZone, UK and Canada. Looking at the charts, I see equities are already on the way back up after last week’s doom and gloom. Oil is breaking out of its box and the JPY/commodity currency interaction is reflecting what looks like risk-on sentiment.

As always, we go through everything in detail in the member’s video.

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