Trading Plan – Monday 23rd August 2021: Solid risk-on start to the week

Mark NugentAugust 2021, Trading Plan

Trading Plan – Monday 23rd August 2021: Solid risk-on start to the week

Last week I was on holiday. I placed three trades and missed a couple. I placed long pending orders on WTI all week. Not one was triggered. I went long on Japan225. It quickly turned sour, and I got out for a loss of 0.88 percent. I traded the haven-flow into USD via AUDUSD short and made 4.24 percent. I missed long opportunities on various equities because I was not looking. That’s OK. It was a positive week. Brief videos of all closed trades are available in the members area.

This week’s highlight is the Jackson Hole event on Thursday through Saturday. The Fed, who organise the meeting, have just decided to make it a virtual event, which is dovish. Everything they do means something.

Risk sentiment as of 11am BST is positive. Equities are rising. I placed a long pending order on WTI last night. It cannot go down forever, can it? The trade has been triggered and is currently over 1x risk in the money.

As mentioned last week, I am away now until Wednesday 1st September when I shall return with a Daily Alert.

As always in the video I go through my trading themes for the week.

Happy trading.

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