Trading Plan – Monday 27th September 2021: Are the Bank of England serious?

Mark NugentSept 2021, Trading Plan

Trading Plan – Monday 27th September 2021: Are the Bank of England serious?

Good morning traders.

Last week was all about hawkishness from the Fed and the Bank of England, and the fact that this leaves the European Central Bank effectively the most dovish of the three.
We also had the Evergrande situation, the negativity from which reversed over the course of the week, resulting in good opportunities to trade equities long. I made around 4 percent from two bites at the S&P500 long. Brief videos are available in the member’s area.

This week gets off to a fast start with the German election result where the Social Democrats seem to have won by a sliver. There will now be months of coalition building. Not a bad thing really. In other news, the People’s Bank of China has essentially banned all crypto activity, deeming it an “illicit activity”. It really is.

Highlights of the week are GDP and inflation figures on Thursday and Friday from the US, Euro Zone, and the UK.

Detailed trading themes are discussed in the video. In brief, I will be looking at equities, WTI, a weak Euro and whether the Bank of England are serious about raising interest rates when the UK is the worst performing economy in the G7. (Did someone say stagflation?) I don’t think they’re serious and I’ll be watching Monetary Policy Member’s comments closely to see if they “walk it back” as the Yanks say.

I’ll be back tomorrow.

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