Trading Plan – Monday 28th February 2022: Ukraine driving prices

Mark NugentFeb 2022, Trading Plan

Trading Plan – Monday 28th February 2022: Ukraine driving prices

Good morning.

Last week was dominated by the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces. On Monday there was talk of a Biden-Putin summit. Then on Tuesday, Putin formally recognised the two separatist areas of Luhansk and Donetsk. US and EU sanctions followed on Wednesday. Thursday saw the beginning of the invasion. Over the weekend we had significant new sanctions from the EU, including kicking Russian banks out of the SWIFT system and the arming of Ukraine, and the small matter of Putin putting his nuclear deterrence on a higher alert footing. I don’t know what that means specifically, but I know a threat when I hear one. Shameful.

Markets were reasonably calm, showing risk-off behaviour at the start of the week and risk-on towards the end. We have seen large gaps over the weekend and into the Sunday night open, largely caused by the “nuclear” comments from Putin.

I managed one trade, Japan225 long. Entering on Thursday night with a pending order and getting out just before the close on Friday, I managed to make just over 2 percent. There will a brief video of this trade in the usual place for members.

This week will be dominated by Ukraine. So far there are signs of risk-on sentiment, but the situation is sure to be volatile.

We’ll be back tomorrow.

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