Webinar – Wed 17 July: GBP and NZD make a lovely pair

Mark NugentDaily Alert, July 2019, Q&A Webinar

Webinar – Wed 17 July: GBP and NZD make a lovely pair

Equities are not doing much. There is a beginning to a S&P500 pullback but it probably won’t be tradable this week. The star performers this week so far have been GBP (weak) and NZD (strong). My GBPNZD short is currently around 2.5 x risk in the money.

WTI falls back as Gulf of Mexico production ramps up after Storm Barry moves away, having been a bit of a (welcome) damp squib.

GOLD moves very close to short-term resistance. A move through resistance to the upside coupled with the right conditions on USD price, US interest rate expectations and sentiment could provide a nice long trade.

Steve dealt with Optimism Bias and Confirmation Bias in his ongoing series on Trading Psychology.

I’ll talk to you again tomorrow.

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