Weekly Review and Outlook 20th November 2017

Mark NugentNov 2017, Trading Plan

Weekly Trading Review – Week Commencing 13th November 2017

Highlights of the Week

It was a difficult week with only Thursday being risk-on. A slew of issues in the UK surprisingly resulted in the GBP being flat on the week. The final CPI reading in the US before the December Fed meeting was in line with expectations. I entered a WTI long after the Tuesday dip caused by an unexpected oil inventory build. It closed on Friday roughly 1 x risk in profit.

Friday saw reports of the construction of a ballistic submarine in North Korea and a WSJ report that Prosecutor Mueller has issued a Subpoena seeking Russia-related documents from Trump campaign officials.

The USD was down on the week, US equities flat (although down every day except Thursday). Other equities indices were well down on the week. The North Korea/Mueller news on Friday caused the JPY and GOLD to strengthen. The US 10 Year yield was down on the week.

Themes for the week were:

1. UK equity pullbacks – it is happening, we await a reversal to go long.
2. GBP – heavy news week – did not result in any sustained move in either direction.
3. Oil volatility in run up to 30 Nov OPEC mtg – allowed WTI long entry on Wednesday.
4. JPY at support – broken to the downside on Wednesday and continued on Friday.


My WTI long is live and in profit. Month-to-date I am +0.37%. Year-to-date I am +25.4%.

Weekly Trading Outlook – Week Commencing 20th November 2017

Major Events

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